Video that is Innovative and Cost-Effective

The idea of Video Crisps was born out of a need that our clients have to have a source of fresh video content without having to spend a fortune. We knew all the reasons why traditional video production can be pricey – if you’ve ever watched the credits of even a short film you see an impressive number of professionals, all combining their talents and experience to create a quality final product.

At White Knight we are, and will always be, dedicated to creating quality videos, but we believe that professionally created or enhanced videos don’t always have to create a large investment of time and money. These days, with the importance of videos in social media, blogs, newsletters, email and websites, a solution like Video Crisps that provides professional-looking videos without breaking the bank means that you can create more content and still not exceed your budget.

We Edit Your Footage or Provide a Videographer for You – Throughout the USA

Did you just have a great corporate training and want to put a short video about that on your social media pages? Simply take some video and photos with your phone, send the material to our editors and let them “crisp” it up for you. We offer a low cost and fast turnaround on these projects.

Launching a new app but having trouble explaining all the benefits to your customers, so people are slow to come on board? Animated explainer videos are just what you need. We help with scripting, voiceover, and animation that is in line with your brand and your message, all for an affordable price.

Need a professional videographer to visit your clients and shoot some testimonial type videos? Video Crisps has got you covered there too. We work throughout the United States and will organize everything for you, nice and easy.

Flexible Pricing with Credit System

With Video Crisps you purchase a number of credits, then spend your credits however you’d like – on editing, shooting and/or animation. It’s fine to mix and match, and if you don’t know exactly what you need, video-wise, that’s okay. Just purchase a credit package and “spend” your credits all now, or use some now and save some for later.

With Video Crisps we truly make video easy, affordable and effective.

Classic vs. Crispy

Classic Video

Traditional video production normally requires a team of professionals, who work together to conceptualize the creative concept, script and storyboard. Then oftentimes we have casting sessions to find the right talent and location scouting to find just the right place to shoot.

You might expect a crew of 5-10 people to show up for the shoot. Typically this team would include a director, producer, cameraman, camera assistant, sound engineer, gaffer, hair and makeup artist, and a production assistant.

This type of production requires a good deal of planning and pre-production work, as well as careful attention in post-production to details such as color correction and sound mixing, all of which can add to what’s required budget-wise with traditional production.

Video Crisps

With Video Crisps we take a simpler or hybrid approach to production in an effort to provide our clients with professional video at a lower cost.

We still help our Video Crisp clients with the creative ideas and scripting, but these scripts are typically simple and to the point, as production will not include many “bells and whistles.”

We help clients all over the country with shooting, by utilizing our network of professional videographers and other crew members. In most cases we are able to send just a cameraman who can also run some microphones and a simple light kit.

With Video Crisps we can also accept client-supplied footage, which our editors process and edit, often enhancing the supplied footage with a title sequence, motion graphics, music, professional voiceover, or other effects that give the video professional polish.

Another option for Video Crisps is animation that’s produced with or without voiceover. We produce these videos for our clients, normally working from an outline or bullet points that they provide. These type of videos are perfect for explaining complicated ideas or processes.

What To Do With The Videos?

Once you have your video content we are happy to advise you on how to optimize your videos on YouTube and how to get your content out into the world in a way that is both strategic and effective. Other companies produce videos, deliver their products and say goodbye, but at White Knight we strive to become your partner for the long haul and your go-to resource for all things video, and your referral resource for other services needed for your business.

Learn More

We work directly with businesses and we also work with Advertising Agencies, Marketing Agencies and Web Development companies so they can offer affordable “white-labeled” videos to their clients. Click on the links below to learn more about how you can start leveraging the power of video today.