Using Video For Human Resources

Video is undeniably present in today’s increasingly digital world. If you aren’t using video yet then frankly you’re already behind. With videos rise in popularity we are seeing more and more kinds of professions finding useful applications of video for their marketing campaigns. Video has even found its way into the Human Resources field, with hundreds of HR teams already implementing video to help them find the right employees for the job. With video, you can stand out among your employer and save time through the on boarding process. Within HR there are a few different types of video that can help grow your company with the right people.

  1. Employee Interviews
    1. This type of video allows applicants to gain insight from the experiences and testimonials of current employees. This act of transparency helps build trust and will help give applicants expectations for the standard of work within your team.
  2. Executive Interviews
    1. Similar to employee interviews, these types of videos allow the applicant the chance to hear from company leadership, which can be a huge determinant in applying for a job. This also gives your CEO, President, or founder the opportunity to relay the company vision in their own words.
  3. Training Videos
    1. Training videos are a great way to speed up the on boarding process for new hires by allowing them to access that resource on their own schedule. With everyone’s busy schedules today it can be difficult and timely to make sure everyone is up to date on training.
  4. Culture Video
    1. Another great way to attract new applicants is through a company culture video. This type of video shows applicants what a day in the office looks like and goes beyond what you can grasp from a website. It’s important to be personable and show viewers what makes your company special!

There are many ways that your HR team can harness the power of video to help find the right employees for your business while speeding up the process along the way! For more tips on how you can better your business, check out our other blogs here: