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Topic Specialties:

No Regrets: Brave, Bold and On Your Own Terms

Is there something you’ve dreamt of doing your whole life, but you just haven’t gotten around to it? If you don't take action you’ll be saying the same thing in 20 years time. In this inspirational talk we explore tangible ways to start living the life of your dreams now. Learn how to find your path and ensure that every step leads towards the life you desire.

Banishing Fear: Finding Your Grit in Business and in Life

Everyone deals with fear on some level and in most cases these fears are tied to some sort of failure – rejection, humiliation, financial challenges. In this interactive presentation learn how to embrace your vulnerability and make peace with your fears. We’ll discuss how failure is always an opportunity for greater growth and success beyond your wildest dreams.

Take Care of Those Employees: Why Onboarding Matters

Have you ever considered the real cost of hiring an employee? When you really look closely at what’s involved with the hiring process – advertising the position, interviewing applicants, training the new employee – it's easy to see how this soon adds up. In fact, research shows that it costs $6,000 to replace one minimum wage employee, and the cost goes up from there. Did you also know that more than 30% of employees in Generations Y and Z are looking for a new job on their first day of employment in a current position? In this enlightening talk we discuss the onboarding process as a cost-saving way to boost employee retention.

…and, Action… Using Video to Grow Your Business

You may have heard that video is the hot ticket to marketing your business, but are you unsure of what this means to you, and more importantly, do you need to know how to get started? In this talk we will give you some action steps you can take today to develop a video marketing strategy and to start making videos that will make a difference.

Why You Need to Embrace Digital Marketing Now

Your customers are online. Are you leveraging your digital presence as well as you could be? On average marketers today are spending 30% of their budgets on digital marketing and advertising. By 2020 that number is expected to rise to 75%, in part because digital marketing can be carefully targeted so it reaches the desired audience. The availability of analytics takes the guesswork out of proving Return on Investment. Learn the basics about digital marketing and the three key steps you can take to get more customers.