Tell me about working with White Knight. Do I get to be involved?

While we always prefer the option to collaborate with our clients, we're happy to accommodate your needs. We frequently work successfully with clients who work closely with our team as we bring your vision to life. But other times clients are happy to explain their goals, then let our team take the lead with what they do best – creative problem solving and messaging that connects with the target audience.

What are the advantages of partnering with White Knight?

We have established a team of professionals who comprise the "best of the best" in their respective fields. You'll get the ease of "one stop shopping" and the peace of mind that your advertising dollars are maximized and you're getting top quality work, every step of the way.

What's the big deal about brand and culture?

Brand is a lot more than your logo. It is the essence of your company – and is how people see you, relate to you and feel about you. We believe it is extremely important to know your brand and to consciously develop and grow that brand across the gamut of any messaging you do. Brand should be reflected in the style of your videos, the language that you're using in your Twitter feed and everywhere in between.

What do you need from me to get started?

If you are providing your logo and style guide we'll set up a link for you to upload those elements. If you can provide your logo in a vector file (.ai or .eps, for example) that is ideal, but if not then please provide us with the highest quality file possible and any variations your designer provided you with, as well as your preferred fonts and colors.

The other thing we may need from you to get started is an investment of time. We typically will go through a discovery session with new clients, analyzing their current brand, their aspirational position in the market and all of their marketing and advertising materials.

Who owns the material after my job is complete?

Our work is considered work-for-hire under the copyright law taking effect January 1, 1978. All concepts, ideas, copy, sketches, artwork, electronic files, video, and other materials related to it will become property of the client upon settlement of any outstanding invoices. The client may use any and all materials generated as it sees fit without any additional compensation; however the client is not under any obligation to use such materials.

Pricing & Billing

How do you determine your pricing?

After talking with you we will estimate how much time your project is anticipated to take and will give you a set price or a price range, if there are many unknown variables. Prices that we quote are usually valid for up to a month of the day of the quote. After that we reserve the right to revise the quote if it is deemed necessary.

Why would I want to be a retainer client?

This is a great question! If you have ongoing work, rather than a one-off job, it makes sense for us to enter into a longer-term relationship. In that way we will get to know your company better, and will be able to assist you with strategic development and placement of advertising and marketing initiatives. Our retainer clients also get priority scheduling whenever possible.

How does the retainer billing work?

Together with you we determine how much work is likely to be needed on a project over the course of a year. An amount is determined, and monthly payments are calculated. You essentially are pre-buying a set number of hours of service over the course of the year. You will receive updates as to how many hours you have remaining every year, and if necessary, adjustments can be made during the course of the year to the monthly fee.


I've never been in front of the camera before, what do I do?

Today's audiences generally prefer content that is short and succinct and for most people, being able to speak in a clear and concise way takes a little bit of practice. Write down what you would like to be the topic of each of your videos and the 2 or 3 main points you'd like to make in each one. Practice speaking in front of a mirror about each topic or have a friend record a run through with you on their cell phone and help you critique your performance. Our producer will help prompt and direct you on the big day, but a little bit of practice does go a long way.

Should I use a teleprompter?

When determining what the content of your video is going to be, one question to consider is whether you prefer to write out your message and read it from a teleprompter, or whether you'd prefer to be interviewed by our producer for what may be a more relaxed and natural delivery. Some people prefer to talk "off the cuff" which can work well too, especially when you're teaching the audience about something you're an expert on or using client testimonials or success stories. All of these styles can work well, and require different amounts of preparation and practice. Please remember to get your scripts to the studio 48 hours before your shoot if you'd like to use the teleprompter.

What should I wear?

In general you want you clothing to not distract from what is being said, or the message of the video.
  1. No large logos, t-shirts with words or pictures on the front, or loud patterns.
  2. No neon colors.
  3. Avoid solid white or solid black shirts, as they can both be difficult to light.
  4. Also avoid bright red if possibl.e
  5. Avoid jewelry that might have a tendency to –jangle– and cause distractions.
  6. Men: no distracting ties.
  7. Good choices are solid colors; pastels or jewel tones work well.
  8. No thin lines on clothing or high-contrast –busy– patterns.
  9. Women: avoid plunging necklines.
  10. Hair and makeup should be neat and tidy. For makeup, think business setting.
  11. When in doubt bring an alternative outfit.
  12. Relax and have fun – this is the most important guideline to remember, always!


What does digital advertising mean, exactly?

In a nutshell, when we talk about digital campaigns we are referring to all paid advertising that takes place online. We can also talk about search engine marketing (SEM), blogging, landing pages and social media campaigns as part of a digital strategy.

Should I consider running an online campaign for my company?

In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes. Today, most companies are dedicating at least 30% of their marketing and advertising resources to digital marketing and advertising, and this number will grow to 75% or more in the coming years. Your customers are online, and you need to be there, too.

Can you help me with my social media?

Absolutely. We run full campaigns on social media for our clients, including paid advertising and content creation, which is designed to engage your audience. A good social media campaign will use both paid and organic content.

Can you help me create an online campaign?

Of course! We have helped many clients navigate through the myriad of choices around digital advertising. Our campaigns are customized depending on your individual needs and requirements but will often include digital placement, AdWords or SEM, social media presence, landing pages, etc.


I did a video shoot with you. Can we just take images out of the video for our print ads?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the answer is no. Although the video is shot in high definition, the images do not have the same resolution as those that are taken with a high quality stills camera. In order for a printed piece to look good, the images normally must come from a photograph, not from a video. If you just want images for displaying online it may be possible to take those out of a HD video, however.

Why do you recommend taking the time to review a physical print piece, rather than just checking it over on my computer screen?

There are a million factors that can affect how something appears once it's printed. The type of paper you're printing on, the particular press you're using, the brand of ink being used… Add to all of those factors that oftentimes computer monitors are not calibrated correctly, and it's easy to see why what you see on a physical printed piece is frequently different from what you think it's going to look like. Whenever possible we recommend looking at an actual proof before approving a print run.