Exceptional Ideas from Extraordinary People

It's not easy to become a Knight

You have to first and foremost exhibit excellence in both marketing and advertising, as well as a contextual understanding of how our messaging will work in the real world. You have to be creative and brave, willing to push the boundaries to the innovative and new. You dig deep to develop an understanding of what clients' customers need and want, and always, always keep learning and exploring. We deliver excellent value and insight for our clients into where to get the greatest value for their investment. And we make sure that all of our key team members are hands on with each and every client we serve.

Elin Barton, Principal

With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of video production, project management and strategic planning and business development, Elin integrates her skills to help clients make informed decisions, both creatively and strategically. At the helm of White Knight Productions, she has helped to shape branding decisions and has developed integrated campaigns for credit unions and financial planners. She's also consulted with companies in the energy sector, higher education, non-profits, as well as several statewide agencies. She is pleased to work directly with clients to help them navigate the complex world of marketing and advertising so that they can achieve their goals with smart and strategic decisions.

John Barton, Technical Director

One of Europe's most sought-after post-production talents in the film industry, John has worked as a colorist with some of the biggest names in the world of advertising and entertainment. He has also worked in various post-production facilities in Los Angeles in an engineering capacity. John is skilled at all things technical, from computers to cameras, and he also participates in strategic and creative meetings, sharing his vast knowledge and experience with our team.

Helen Humphreys, PR and Strategist

Helen is a public affairs specialist with a long history of working with environmental agencies and energy companies. She has served as the communications director of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and she has served in key public relations roles for energy companies and currently works as a consultant for the largest power generation company in the United States. Helen enjoys working with companies to establish and develop strong relationships with the public and the press as part of the overall strategic plan.

Rory Sweeney, Public Relations, Strategy and Writing

Rory is a public relations veteran specializing in crisis communications, stakeholder engagement and grassroots advocacy. He has been a journalist covering energy and environmental issues for more than 15 years and served as a media representative for two Fortune 500 energy companies. Rory holds bachelor's degrees in environmental science and journalism from Temple University. He is based in Philadelphia, where he volunteers his time coaching the University of Pennsylvania Men's Rugby Club. In March, you’ll find him sporting a kilt and playing bagpipes – because that's what you do in March.

Our Strategic Partners

At White Knight we work with a select group of strategic partners who represent the "best of the best" in their respective fields. As our reputation is built on excellence and service, we are very choosy about who we partner with, so our clients are assured that they are always being served in the best possible way at the best price. This model also allows us flexibility to hand-pick a “dream team” for our clients, based on their specific projects and needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • "We engaged White Knight Productions to record and edit testimonials. During the taping sessions, WKP were adept at keeping the atmosphere relaxed and fun for the participants. They were attentive listeners and flexible about going 'off script' when doing so would better serve our objective. And, the post-production process was smooth and very collaborative with the final product delivered on time and on budget."
    – Debra Eichten, Marketing Strategy & Special Projects
    Cornell University
  • "I had the pleasure to work with White Knight Productions for a training video project. They were very professional and easy to work with. Their creative work exceeded our expectations and we were overall very pleased. We will for sure use them in the future for other video projects."
    – Ben Fitcher, Marketing Manager
    BioElectronics Corporation
  • "Working with White Knight Productions on our ES2 Marketing Video was a true pleasure. They quickly grasped the concept, which involved incorporating material from several different university sites into one coherent message. And they did this with a high degree of creativity, professionalism and grace – within a very short timeframe. I would not hesitate to use their services again, and would strongly recommend them to others looking for a high-quality video."
    – Andrea Palmeri, Program Manager
    Center for Energy Smart Electronic Systems, Binghamton University
  • "The service is excellent and Elin and her team are great to work with. No request has been out of the question and White Knight Productions usually can accommodate within a reasonable timeframe. They are a very responsive team an easy company to work with. They provided great insight and brought the experience we need to the table to get our public relations and customer education projects off the ground quickly and economically."
    – Russ Miller V.P. Gas Supply & Marketing
    Corning Natural Gas Corp./Leatherstocking Gas Co.
  • "Best vendor experience. Ever."
    – Carol Cundey, Marketing Manager
    Johnson Outdoors Gear, Inc.
  • "I just wanted to tell you what a great job your team did in delivering a quality product in an unbelievably short time frame. I can't tell you how grateful I am to your team for such an incredible effort and result. Our internal management is very pleased with the product. Your team went out of their way to make this project successful and I thought it only appropriate that they get recognized for such an effort. You definitely have our future business."
    – Dave Albers, Vice President Business Development
    Nationwide Credit
  • "We liked the entire process, from start to completion. Mostly, we enjoyed working with the fantastically creative team at White Knight Productions."
    – Keith Leahey, Executive Director
    Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier
  • "OFB has had a wonderful experience working with WKP; they were very professional, understanding, and extremely dedicated to producing the perfect video. The biggest difference that stands out from other companies was their enthusiasm and willingness to learn about our organization and mission. White Knight exceeded our expectations with the final products. We look forward to WKP producing our next video and highly recommend them to other organizations!"
    – Brett Dean, Director
    Head Start for OFB
  • "Elin and her team produce spot-on videos based on a thorough understanding of your market, your goals, and your overall business strategy. This team of creative deep-thinkers is passionate about what they do, and it shows. I highly recommend them."
    – Rhonda Morton, Principal
    Savannah Consulting
  • "Elin and her team are outstanding! They are visual storytellers who produce top notch work, at a reasonable price. If you are looking for someone who can help produce a compelling video, than look no further than White Knight!"
    – Ryan Yarosh, Director of Media and Public Relations
    Binghamton University

Let’s talk about our process



This is the getting to know you phase where we talk in concrete terms about messaging, strategy and content development.



We set objectives, determine a plan of attack and projected timeline for deliverables as well as target dates for reviewing campaign analytics.



We produce the creative elements of the campaign to meet planning objectives.



In this stage we get our creative work out into the marketplace.



We gather results of campaigns and meet periodically with our clients to assess the effectiveness of the campaign in relation to the goals.